Mar. 21st, 2011

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Haven't seen this anywhere on my flist or maybe I just missed it.

Alfons Haider, a homosexual moderator in Austria decided to dance with a male partner at Austria's Dancing Star-Show. That's the Austrian version of the US-show Dancing with the Stars and of Germany's Let's Dance.

I'm all YAY! for that and admire his courage to take this step and can only hope that more homosexual stars will follow his example. Hell, I would have loved to see Hape Kerkeling do a nice waltz with another man ;-).

The ugly part of that is that Nikki Lauda is disgusted by this as according to him in this culture men only dance with women. Something that isn't actually true, even in Austrian culture there are dances where men dance with men, same with other European cultures and the current form of Standard and Latin dancing isn't that old yet. Hell, when it first came up in the late 18th century the waltz was considered an obscene dance.

Anyway, Nikki Lauda isn't the only one who's speaking out against Alfons Haider and his male partner and I'm really disgusted by him and his ilk.

I really hope that Alfons Haider has the strength and the courage to continue and that the ORF will let him continue and that the Austrian people will show the haters that there's nothing wrong or corrupt about watching two men dance together.


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