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I wonder what it says about me that while watching The Social Network I was thinking that there really needs to be an Inception-AU where Eames is a member of the Cambridge- or Oxford-rowing team and Arthur an American exchange student who's fascinated by the rowers (or rather Eames) and starts more or less stalking Eames, watching the practices, lurking about, showing up to all races and so on.

As for The Social Network. Definitely worth watching. I found it an really interesting movie with numerous open, but also underhanded digs at almost everyone while still portraying them all as real people with their own agendas and faults. I have to admit that at the end I almost felt sorry for Mark Zuckerberg despite the fact that during most of the movie I often found him annoying, yet I could also understand why he was the way he was: so introverted and often lost in his own mind that he wasn't even noticing the people around him. And also so socially inept that it was almost painfully to watch.

And the actors all did amazing jobs.


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