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I booked the tickest for The Avengers today. I'll see it next Monday because that's the onyl day where they'll be showing it in English around here.

I'm also a bit pissed because they are only showing the 3D-versions, no 2D. I hate 3D. I hate the fact that if I want to watch that movie I have to watch it in 3D (and deal with the effects and pay more money for something I don't really want).

If I like a movie and especially when I'm fannish about it, I watch movies more than once. Considering this I'd already accepted having to suffer through the German dubbing. But German dubbing and 3D is just too much. And yeah, I'm really pissed about that. What about all the people who can't see 3D, who have medical conditions that make 3D-movies an impossibility?

It reminds me of that interview Johnny Depp once did where he was asked if he'd seen the Pirates movie he'd just done and he said No because it was in 3D and he can't watch 3D-movies without suffering from the effects.

Guess that means I'll only watch The Avengers at the cinema once and then buy the 2D-Blu-Ray once it comes out. :-(

In preparation I'm planning to do an Avengers-weekend this weekend and watch Iron Man 1+2, Hulk, Thor and Captain America.


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