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Trying to get back into the whole blogging thing.

* Everytime I watch a US-crime show and they do an autospy where they only uncover parts of the body with the sheet or go into contortions to show something on the back while making sure that all "important" body-parts aka primary and secondary sexual organs are still covered, I end up rolling my eyes. It's just so totally un-realistic. Yet those same shows have no problem showing in excruciating and nauseating details brutal crimes or what kind of damage a bullet might cause or a knock to the head.

* This makes me happy and even more eager for the end of April. I so hope that one cinma will show Avengers in the original version so that I don't have to sit through the German dubbing. I still might have to sit through the German dubbing in case I want to see the movie more than once. I hate the German dubbing. I love the Tony & Loki interaction. I'm even tempted to maybe write them....

* Spend part of Easter re-watching "A town called Eureka", starting with season 1. Oh Nathan Stark. How much I miss you. Ed Quinn is just a gorgeous man.

Of course now I want crossovers or AUs. Steve McGarett as a scientist in Eureka, Danny Williams as the new Sherrif? Kono could be the deputy and Chin the CEO of Global Dynamics, or he could take on the role of Henry. Kamekona runs CafĂ© Diem. Anyone up to writing that for me?

* I'm also poking at a H50/Avengers-crossover-idea. Or ideas. I can't make up my mind which way to go. I want some interaction between Danny and Coulson. Maybe some bonding: Coulson: "The consultant is coming to Hawai'i. Says he feels like taking a vacation. Beach, sun, pretty girls..." Danny: "Waaaahhhh. Keep him away from my islands!!!"

Tony flirting with Danny. Clint, Natasha, Kono and Steve McG. bonding over their Ninja-skills and explosives. Bruce bonding with Max. Steve R. just going with the flow or maybe bonding with Danny. And now I want some Kono/Natasha.. *headdesk*

I better stop here before I give myself even more ideas. Still have to work on some other stuff (original m/m-novel among that).

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