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Being involved in two fandoms where the main characters are called Steve can be slightly confusing. Or maybe that's just me and I'm confusing myself. I had the same problem with Lindsey even though I was only watching CSI: NY and wasn't fannish about it unlike Angel.

I also find the name Danny for a man odd because in Germany it's a nickname for girls (the female version of Daniel would be Daniela and shortened it would be Dany, Dani, or Danny). when this came up on Body of Proof I was all: Noooo, it's a girl's name.

Just as confusing is reading a story about Gambit and suddenly stumbling about a discription of Gambit's brown eyes. That makes me go Huh? everytime and was one of the things I truely hated about the movie. Those red-on-black eyes have always been one of THE most recognisable things about Gambit and yet in the movie they didn't manage to make Taylor Kitsch wear some contacts? Would that have been so hard?

And I still want to write an H50/Avengers-crossover. I'm just not sure what to focus on and where to start. I have a few ideas and snippts in my mind yet no real plot so far. But I do wnat some Danny & Tony interaction. Or Danny & Coulson. And maybe Steve & Steve. Or Steve and Natasha. Kono & Natasha?
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